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love n lost - a haphazard beginning
love n lost

whats the difference between love and lost? They say that love can save those who are lost, but didnt Christ already die on the cross, to pardon the yet to be born, and those that cast the first stone? wasnt mercy already chosen, by gods supposed son, the chosen one, in response to the sum of the weight of the albatross of pain, that were forced to carry inhumanely across our daily crossings. As we cross out these teachings which should teach us forgiveness, but we fail to play witness to the lesson, lessening our empathy so its nearly forgotten, supplanted with vanity and made verboten, by writings in gold lettering, and etchings of rules on masonry, embossing the glossy idolatry of opportunists, who want to convince us to worship their biased confirmations, that they confirm in false placations, for only a few, who have chosen to follow the crewed hypocrisy thats spewed, like oil from a broken pipeline, in rainbows of cascading colors of sewt and grime, for cloak toting theologians, and suit wearing politicians, to buy some time, to blur the line, and destroy the melody to natures natural rhyme, theres no reason for them to tell this lie, yet they season and sell us the crime, of salvation thru divisions, that are made to make additions to their subtractions, while giving no retractions for their own inactions and reprehensible decisions, sermonizing with self righteousness in spite of all the contradictions in this, and they have the audicity to smile while they say, smite exists for sinners who dont repent and pay, for their sins, while these vermin hide behind officials of state wearing vestments, investing dead presidents to congest our deliverance from lovelorn obssessions. these cretins of industry and sophistry are paying good money in advertising to protect their oppression, enacting supression and promulgating depression to each an every citizen, so that we dont wake from our victimization, and slay the break in our moral convictions that leads us to groupthink isolation and devastation to our capacity for compassion, resignation to dispassion that resonates in self hatred, so our trancendent capabilities become halted, and were afraid of being our self, becuz were told to be less, and i dont wanna be the villain, but i gotta be killin this idea, that killing the self is ideal, becuz without myself i am helpless, loveless and crossed, never to be given forgiveness becuz i am lost, fallen amongst the self righteous, too righteous to admit my fear, of the face staring at me in the mirror, but i have to choose myself, not abuse myself, by letting my forgiveness, be lost amongst the self less. And im sorry if that makes me selfish, but without my sense of self first id be loveless and hopeless.

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