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a haphazard beginning

31 December
grand haven
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a vainglorious dilletante who would trade his fortunes favor to the devil; for the impecunious disposition of a vagabond with a bohemian soul.
adolescencent intrigue, adrian tomins, aung sang suu kyi, battlestar galactica, brothers(mine), calamity, decaying angel, depp's unpredictability, dexter, diametric, diaphanous, dostevsky, empathetic understanding, ennio morricone, erin mckeown, ewen mckewen, explicit prudent humor, faultering lyrical grace, flight of the concords, frankl, gong li, grass, hockey's graceful brutality, humility, introverts, jayne eyre, john from cincinnati, joyce's lineage, kawabata, kirasawa, kubrick, mishima, monotonous dependability of love, moving movie scores, parents, pressl, psychological punishment, radioheads awkwardness, rebecca curtis, sampras, sanders, soft pillows, soft skin, solzhenitsyn, sports heroes from afar, subtle humor, surprises, sweat of sensuality, timeless beauty, warm embrace, whitman, yzerman